Specializing in high quality photographic wall art, LaneArts is a combination of Enterprise Art, Photographic Art, Craft Art, and Educational Art. As the site grows, each will have its place.

Part of this project is giving. In 2013, I was diagnosed with stage IIIc colon cancer. Because of the advances in treatment, I successfully beat cancer after surgery and chemotherapy. Since then, I have encouraged my fellow travelers in life to get a colonoscopy, and perhaps spare themselves, and their families a lot of needless pain.

10% of all profit from the sales of my fine art prints here go to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. I lived because others gave. Now it's my turn.

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About Our Prints

Our prints are professionally finished, and printed by top quality photographic printing experts. Most of our unframed prints are done on high quality metallic papers that add a deep, rich quality to the image. Other prints are done on fine quality, matte art papers to ensure the best photographic reproduction possible.

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